Hello My Name is Alissa

 I have enjoyed working at Countryside since I was eleven years old!  I am now thirty two and still love working with everyone’s pets!  I am the Mom of Emma & Samantha, two golden retrievers that work very hard at seeing how many treats and pats they can get in a day, I also have three cats Roady, Tip Toe and Puss n’Boots!  I can not forget my daughter Katelyn, my little Princess. Katelyn is seven years old and loves the animals as much as I do!


 Emma & Samantha come to work with me most days; they will greet you with a tail wag and sometimes a bark!  On Thursdays you will not find any of us here, we are all busy at my daughter’s school working with the grade one class, helping them practice their reading!  Emma & Samantha are my reading therapy dogs, they love to listen to the kids read them stories.They do not judge or correct, but help them practice their reading out loud, especialy the children that struggle with reading; the girls make it fun. The kids walk Sam and Emma through the halls and snuggle and pat them as they tell the dogs their storys!


 When we decided that we were going to be doing some upgrades here at Countryside, I thought that a pool for the dogs to swim would be a good idea!   Not knowing how other people would recieve my idea, I started researching it, with help from Kathe and Chris!  We made a choice and our Spa is here and we are all enjoying it (human & dogs). I have noticed a big change with Samantha since she has been swimming regularly! Sam is eleven years old and has always had weight problems, she once was 96 lbs but we have gotten her down to 76 lbs, Ya!! She used to have a really hard time getting up from lying down and jumping on furniture for a snuggle;  the pool has definitely helped her with these problems, it has also put some puppy back into her; she will once again play with other dogs running around and being silly like dogs should be!