Thanks for visiting. I'm the owner and manager of Countryside Boarding, Grooming and Doggie Daycare and I would like to personally thank you for taking the time to visit our new site. I appreciate your business and would like to build a two way communication link with all of our clients.

We have spent many hours revamping and refurbishing our facility and our philosophy around client and pet care.

This was the first year that our Splash Pad was available all summer and great fun was had by all, that is both the pets and the rest of us; what a blast!

According to demand we have added more suites (book early they are still limited) and an additional "quiet" daycare room with comfy couches and a fireplace.

In our store we carry all sorts of unique and fun, eats, treats and other pet related items and are constantly seeking great new ideas.

One of the things that I believe to be very important when caring for your pet is feeding a quality food. We carry some excellent brands at very competitive prices.

There are a lot of swimmers enjoying our resistance pool. Moms and Dads can kick back in one of our comfy chairs and enjoy a hot drink while waiting.

At Countryside, we have a couple of exciting things on the horizon. Currently we are producing a new "mobile app" for smart phones, where you will be able to instantly communicate your wishes to us. Plus starting in January 2013 our new VIP card will be available; every time you purchase a service will get you closer to free stuff, details soon!

Thoughts or suggestions? I welcome them, please use our "Got Question?-Comments" section.

I have a few more changes and additions to the facilities up my sleeve.

Come visit!

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