Additional Services

At Countryside, we try to taylor your pet's stay as much as possible. Just as we humans don't always see eye to eye, or appreciate the same things; nor are our pets always like minded.

So we have offered these Additional Services; if you do not see an option helpful to you, please inquire.

Daycare while boarding (at the reduced rate) $12.45 plus HST daily. (Splash Pad included/seasonal)

Hugs & Kisses- one on one cuddles or play time or whatever suites you and your best friend. $12.45 plus HST 1/2 hour daily

Small Group Play-where we choose one or two like minded individuals to romp together $12.45 plus HST 1/2 hour daily

Administration of Medication-please inquire

Bath/Grooming-At Countryside, we have a full time groomer. There are purpose built facilities with an on floor shower, large tub, high effiency/quiet dryers and caring professional staff to pamper your pet.

All baths and grooming will be estimated when we see your pet (unless you are currently a grooming client, then Shana should be able to give an estimate) Extra charges will be explained before any grooming/baths are done. 

If you do not wish to have your pet bathed, but just brushed and possibly trimmed, nails done, ears cleaned etc.; that is possible too, please inquire.

Hydro Excercise-In an effort to provide the ultimate in pet care services we have installed a resistance pool for your pet.

The pool is used for non weight bearing excercise, conditioning and FUN!

1/2 hour swim (rinse & cool dry) $35.00 plus HST

1/2 hour swim (shampoo & full dry) $45.00 plus HST